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eto Practice Thoughts (Trumpet/ Cornet): Listening, tuning and breathing

  • The volume of your phone or Tablet my not be loud enough . Why not use  a set of headphones and just use one ‘ear’.
    Having said this you will find that you WILL hear the part you are practising if you play a wrong note….your mistake will be highlighted and stand out from the correct recorded performance.
  • It’s not only wrong notes that will stand out but also your tuning, your intonation.
    If you play out of tune you will notice it, so do your best to adjust.
  • A good way of practising in these cases is to practise slowly…even though you may be able to play the notes easily. Slower practice will allow you time to adjust your tuning and also strengths you embouchure muscles.
  • Breathing properly effects your tuning and sound. It’s worth viewing this 8 minute video explanation of ‘how to breathe’ as a trumpet player. It’s by the great Australian player James Morrison.
  • have fun with practise and see links to our current trumpet apps as below:

Links to Trumpet/ Cornet Apps Apps:

  1. Arban No. 1;iPad; iPhone;  Android Tablet…
  3. Arban Triple Tonguing;  iPad; iPhone
  5. Arban Double Tonguing;  iPad;
  6. Arban Slurs;  iPad
  7. Arban Single Tonguing;  iPad
  8. Carnival of Venice; iPad
  9. Solo from So What; Desktop; iPad
  10. Jazz Level 1; Desktop; iPad
  11. Arban No. 10; iPad

Why use eto apps to practise?

eto Music Practice apps are not designed to dilute the value of  and need for lessons with a teacher.

We are ourselves, musicians, music teachers and music technology experts with a history of playing and performing music.

We produce and publish as musicians; the technology is second to the music!

We are absolutely not detracting from the value of music lessons…we encourage teachers to use our apps  and experience for themselves the way our apps motivate and help practice.!

The primary intention of the apps is to motivate and enable students to practise between lessons.  whatever age level of ability.

Our apps provide the music notation, a beat counter and control over practice speeds, as well as the ability to repeat bars  or sections.

We welcome and invite suggestions for new music to include.

Here are our current apps :

Let us know what you think:


eto on iTunes and Android

eto has a large number of Music Practice Apps on both iTunes and Google Play Android. The links are as per below:

Trumpet, Cornet, Sax, Clarinet, Piano & Recorder.

and Android:


Recorder1trumpet icon_unnamed

Easy ways to Optimize your music practice ! #ThankATeacher



How does eto Music Practice motivate practice?

For most, at times, practice can be boring, can be lonely, can be confusing.

The accompaniment could be a piano. It could be a duet or the other three parts of a quartet; even all the other parts of an orchestra or band.

Yes, you are practising BUT you are always performing.

Most people spend all their time practising but never preforming.

Enjoyment and success comes from the time you can play just one note.

Playing one note in our beginner pieces you have an accompaniment and have as much enjoyment and sense  of achievement as the most experienced player.

Eto means AGAIN in the Welsh language.  You will want to play AGAIN and AGAIN. …then you are practising over and over again.

Improvement will come quickly. Success then multiplies.