How to Practise: Bach Two Part Invention No. 8

This blog is an introduction to our App which helps practise Bach’s Two Part Invention No. 8.
It’s available for iPad in the App Store 

As with our other instrumental apps a phrase we use is …to play fast practise slowly.

For pianists perhaps we should add another; use the correct  fingering from the start.
It is so easy to ‘get away’ with awkward fingering when you play slowly but problems will definitely occur later on….

To help put both ‘phrases’ into practise eto’s App enables you to practise in a unique way as you will see if you try practising with the demo movies below.

We hope that piano teachers will see that by using our Apps pupils will practise perhaps more efficiently and more often between lessons.

Here’s a tempo at which together used to the fingering 60 bpm:

When ready go on to 70 ppm…just a little faster makes a difference:

Don’t move on until you are really secure to 80 bpm:

Now on to 90 bpm:

100 bpm. Don’t expect to reach the faster speeds without practising them for quite a while:

Let’s jump up by 20 bpm to 120 ppm. In the App you could go via 110 bpm:

Now 140 bpm:

160 bpm:

You need to decide or take advice from a teacher whether to practise each section up to a fast speed or practise the whole piece at the slower tempi and move on from beginning to the end at the same tempo.

Here’s 180 ppm:

Now 200 ppm:

Here’s 220 the final tempo in the blog but the App helps you to 240 bpm:

There are so many more practice tools you can use in the App. You use them in the combination that suits you.

  • Choose a section to practise and repeat it
  • Isolate the notation and/ or audio of either hand…in other words you can play along with the Right Hand part whilst the Left Hand Part is Played for you. When you are ready turn the audio off….or maker it quieter.
  • All this can be done at various speeds …starting slowly at 60 beats per minute and going upon to 240 ppm in 10 bpm steps.
  • You should be absolutely secure at a tempo before moving on…even a little faster can trip you up.

Bach wrote his Two Part Inventions specifically to help and motivate his pupils to practise……we can’t improve the musical content but we can help a little more by using available technology.

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