How to Practise: Jazz Trumpet Level 1 (2)

This is a second blog about our Jazz Trumpet Level 1 App:
Available on:
iPhone and iPad from The App Store
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Forgive me experienced teachers for explaining what you already know but I hope you can see how your pupils can be helped to practise…especially in between lessons.

Playing Jazz  is about ‘feel’, about playing in an appropriate style.
The way you articulate (start) each notes should be different to the way you play, say,  an Arban  tonguing exercise.

The start the notes should sometimes be less explosive Sometimes a note should be held a little longer..
Of course you need to keep to the beat BUT you need sometimes to give  a feeling that you are slightly before or after the beat.

In other words the technique needed to play in this way is every bit needing of practise as the march like fast tonguing of other styles.

eto’s practice tools give you the opportunity of playing along with a recording of the part AND toplay along with Jazz rhythm section.
When you are ready you can switch off the recorded part and you become the soloist …the lead trumpet.

There are three separate pieces to practice; gradually getting  more ‘sophisticated’
You practise both swing and straight 8ths (quavers)  and  more syncopation…the melody is less ‘straightforward taking you ‘off’ the beat.

All in all an ideal introduction to playing in a small jazz combo (band).
Here’s a peep at  each of the three pieces. Oh, yes  each of them can be practised at three slower speeds and in sections with or without the backing band.

Here’s the opening of Bits and Pieces 1 at it’s performance tempo of 100 beats per minute:

Next is Bits and Pieces 2 …more off the beat syncopation…awkward rhythms.
The performance tempo is 110 ppm but It’s shown hear at 70 bpm to demonstrate how the Beat Counter above the notes can help you keep in time and read the notation. You can practise at 70/ 80/ 90 and 100 to build up to the final speed:

The final example is Bits and Pieces 3 at its performance tempo of 110 bpm.. it has both swing and straight 8ths (quavers). Don’t forget you can practise it much slower to help with the syncopated rhythms :

Hope you get the App and really enjoy practising with it.
iPhone and iPad from The App Store
Android Phones and Tablets from Google Play

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