Stamina first……flexibility and musicality will follow…

Why does a boxer run miles every morning? So that he can run away in a fight…no:)

It is because he needs to build up his stamina; to make sure he can be strong enough to box as cleverly in the 10th round as he can in the first.

In reality it’s more about recovery time. A boxer will want to be able to recover within the minute between rounds. A trumpet player will want his lip muscles to be able to recover within the space of some bars rest.

The more you practice, the more you can, the more you want to, the more you enjoy it, the less it tires you.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

THE most useful exercises for building lip muscle strength are the Slurring Exercises published in the Arban Cornet Method.

In particular Nos. 16 to 22  which ask that you practise slurring  thirds (major and minor) using the same fingering for each pair of notes that you need to slur.

if we are honest……..for most of us………they are extremely boring to practise.

To help counteract this we at eto Music Practice have:

  • created an accompaniment that you can play to; to keep you going. Holding you back with the longer note slurs and keeping you in time whilst slurring the shorter note values. However, you can switch it off if you want!
  • a recording of the solo line you need to practise………this helps your intonation because when getting tired your tuning suffers.

At the moment the App for Arban Slurs 16 -22 is available only for Desktop:

View the Demo Movie at our shop:

The IPad and Android versions will soon be available and we ‘ll announce this when they are.

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