The secret of clear crisp and fast trumpet tonguing !

The Trumpet Tonguing Exercises
The way to practise triple tonguing:
A combination of Arban’s Exercises and Solos and eto Music Practice Tools.
Suitable eto Apps are:
Practising along with eto’s Beat Counter and the recorded sound will ensure your triplets are absolutely even. This will make your playing clear and crisp as you get faster.
  1. Choose your starting Tempo and your Start and End bars and work your way through: the slower the better…
  2. The secret of clear crisp and fast triple tonguing is making each tu; tu; and ku sound like a crisp single tongue…YES especially the Ku
  3. You can repeat one bar and then two, you choose
  4. Increasing the number of bars you can sustain as you get stronger…….
  5. You can increase the Tempi by 10 beats a minute increments from 40 to 230 bmp….don’t be tempted to skip an increment.
You will need to put in the hard work BUT your efforts will be more efficient and better rewarded
The results will be felt and heard and you will be so encouraged to practise more and more.

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