eto Ways to Optimize your music practice


eto Music Practice
It is so easy to use and the results are stunning.
A whole class can read from an Interactive White Board.
Smaller groups or individuals can practise on single workstations during a lesson at break or lunchtime.ALL pupils can practise at home on their own or family computers. There’s no need to buy sets of books. 30 Home Practice Licenses are included in the annual price.

eto Music Practice At Home
You can’t have your music teacher with you 24 hours a day and it’s not always practical to get other players together to practise with you.So eto Music Practice keeps you motivated; keeps you in time; helps keep you in tunes and you can have an accompaniment to work with 24/7..We are busy adding to our catalogue and if you have any requests for pieces that you want to practise please let us know.

How do I get eto Music Practice?
It’s simple.
Register, go to the shop, buy some music.
Go to the eto Practice Room and press play.
Alter the tempo, repeat a section,
add an accompaniment – you decide.
Practise until you are perfect
eto Music Practice is available for Schools as Classroom Packs. The price of each Classroom Pack includes licenses so that the pupils can practise at home using their own or family computers.
For those NOT associated with a school individual pieces can be bought for practising at home
First you need to Register for an account and create personal Login details.
You can then buy from our Secure Shop.

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