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eto Practice Thoughts (Trumpet/ Cornet): Listening, tuning and breathing

  • The volume of your phone or Tablet my not be loud enough . Why not use  a set of headphones and just use one ‘ear’.
    Having said this you will find that you WILL hear the part you are practising if you play a wrong note….your mistake will be highlighted and stand out from the correct recorded performance.
  • It’s not only wrong notes that will stand out but also your tuning, your intonation.
    If you play out of tune you will notice it, so do your best to adjust.
  • A good way of practising in these cases is to practise slowly…even though you may be able to play the notes easily. Slower practice will allow you time to adjust your tuning and also strengths you embouchure muscles.
  • Breathing properly effects your tuning and sound. It’s worth viewing this 8 minute video explanation of ‘how to breathe’ as a trumpet player. It’s by the great Australian player James Morrison.
  • have fun with practise and see links to our current trumpet apps as below:

Links to Trumpet/ Cornet Apps Apps:

  1. Arban No. 1;iPad; iPhone;  Android Tablet…
  2. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arban-study-no-1-advanced-trumpet-practice/id624151228?mt=8
  3. Arban Triple Tonguing;  iPad; iPhone
  4. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arban-triple-tonguing-exercises-1-4/id1021099892?ls=1&mt=8
  5. Arban Double Tonguing;  iPad;
  6. Arban Slurs;  iPad
  7. Arban Single Tonguing;  iPad
  8. Carnival of Venice; iPad
  9. Solo from So What; Desktop; iPad
  10. Jazz Level 1; Desktop; iPad
  11. Arban No. 10; iPad

How to Practise: Arban Triple Tonguing Exercises 1 to 4


Developing your Triple Tonguing technique takes a great deal of hard work…..a great deal of hard physical effort…OK not as painful as working toward a 26+ mile marathon or weight lifting but similar in many ways.

You’ll need to be consistent in your practice and don’t expect quick results…

It would be foolish to attempt or expect to run anywhere near the 26 miles on day one ..or even month one.
You don’t start by lifting the heaviest weight you can!

Build up your distance and lifts with sensible, planned repetitive routines.

Even with the physical demands of running and weight lifting there are some vital subtle techniques that are to be recognised and adhered to. It’s not all wam bam...let’s get as strong as we can.

The VITAL subtlety when Triple Tonguing is practised is that with each of the three tonguing motions…the triples…MUST be of the same length and crispness.

The ONLY way this can be achieved is by practising slowly and only moving on to a faster tempo when each one of the triple tongues sound as if it is a controlled single tongue.

This is where the eto App can really help. The app presents numbers 1 to 4 of the Arban Cornet Method Triple Tonguing Exercises. ALL the exercises can be heard at tempi from 50 to 240 beats a minute and the ‘printed’ music  can be seen with a realtime Beat Counter ‘moving’ in perfect sync above the notation acting as your personal conductor.

I’m now going to create and publish a few demo videos to show how this would work.

First of all, as suggested, start very slowly making sure each element of the triplet is even and crisp…. This is playing at 60 beats per minute…you could start at 50bpm.

You could then , when absolutely ready..move on to 70 bpm:


Then 80 bpm:

The tempi rise in increments of 10 beats per minute :

Here’s 150bpm:

and 190bpm:

The tempi available are 50 to 240 bpm inclusive…

You can start and finish according to your needs and experience….but plenty to keep you practising for quite a while:)

You will probably already own an Arban Cornet Method but in case you do not, there is a link to a pdf of Exercises 1 – 4 within the App.

Here is the link on iTunes to our app:


This app is also contained within two further discount app bundles description on the iTunes page. Enjoy!

I shall occasionally be sharing some extra tips about this App and hope to eventually have a full series of How to Practice ….for all eto Music Practice Apps.

If you have any questions or comments or suggestions for the Trumpet/ cornet repertoire you might like to practise via our Apps, please let us know via the comment box  at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for getting in touch!



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eto designs & publishes innovative #trumpet apps for the marching world & supports excellence in music education.

Solo from So What – Miles Davis


There are many practice facilities in this app that can be customised to suite individual needs. Of particular value are the ability to slow down the solo and the rhythm section accompaniment without losing quality and the real time Beat Counter which shows where you are in the bar.

The sound of the trumpet is not Miles. A trumpet sample has been used. This makes sure that there is no loss of quality at the slower speeds. This will help you keep in tune and hit the right notes.

The balance of the trumpet sound to the band is such that you can hear the solo as you are practising. When you are ready you can switch off the trumpet sound.

Miles plays at 135bpm. You can start practising at 60 and you can build up by 10bpm bar by bar, phrase by phrase, with or without the sound of the trumpet or rhythm section.

Practise so that you can play the correct notes, perfectly in tune and in time. THEN you can imitate the note bends and half valve techniques that Miles uses. You also will be building up a bank of phrases that you can use in your own solo playing. Copying and studying the greats of the past is an ideal way of learning and gaining the confidence to develop your own style.

Eto Music Practice offer this app as a practice tool; a means to an end. The aim is that you practise efficiently and improve quickly. This will result in you being better prepared to enjoy performing with fellow musicians.

All the Trumpet Practice apps:



The eto Music Learning Practice #music #musicdownloads #musiconline #freemusic

Our Music Practice Apps are specifically designed and produced to help all students of any age to begin to read learn practice and perform music. The Apps are available for Desktop, Android and iTunes Apple for both Tablets and Phone.

We welcome your suggestions for new content, instruments and feedback on how you use the eto music player practice system.

Our current content can be found here : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/developer/eto-music-practice-ltd/id624151291


Benefits of Music Education;

A Music education prepares students to learn

1. Enhances fine motor skills

2. Prepares the brain for achievement

3. Fosters superior working memory

4. Cultivates better thinking skills

B Music education facilitates student academic achievement

1. Improves recall and retention of verbal information

2. Advances math achievement

3. Boosts reading and English language arts (ELA) skills

4. Improves average SAT scores

C Music education develops the creative capacities for lifelong success

1. Sharpens student attentiveness

2. Strengthens perseverance

3. Equips students to be creative

4. Supports better study habits and self-esteem

Source: Arts Education Partnership http://www.aep-arts.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Music-Matters-Final.pdf


How to practise: The Recorder Practice Apps

There are 3 Levels available for iPad :
Level 1; Level 2: Level 3
 or as a discounted bundle of all three.
Available only individually for Android Tablets from Google Play:
Level 1: Level 2: Level 3

Teachers..….A whole class can be taught in front of an Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom.
Smaller groups or individuals can practise in front of a single computer at their own pace.
Individual pupils can buy the App to use on their Smartphones…and practise at home…
Parents: Really useful tablet activity.
Start on the Recorder, learn to read music in preparation for learning other instruments.
What a start!
Anyone who wants to learn to read music …whatever age
Buy or find a recorder or just clap or hit something to grasp how to read rhythm….

The first tune B Happy introduces one note and has, like all the other tunes, an exciting accompaniment.

Here’s is B Happy at the slowest speed …with a reminder of the note names…which can be switched off as soon as you feel they will remember the note name.

Tempi from 60 to 120 beats per minute can be chosen.

Level 1 includes 10 tunes. New notes are introduced in tunes that follow.

Each note has a clear fingering diagram.


‘Pupils will learn and improve more quickly because they’ll want to practise more.’

  • Each tune can be practised with or without a full accompaniment.
  • The sound of the Recorder can be heard which helps with keeping in tune and playing the correct rhythm.
  • A Real Time Beat Counter appears above the music notation to act as a conductor and helps with the timing of each note
  • Each tune can be practised at slower speeds.
  • Start and End bars can be chosen so that each tune can be practised bar by bar, section by section.
  • The speed of practise can be increased until the whole piece can be played perfectly.

This is a video of Alis on her second lesson reading from an iPad placed on her music stand. the smile when she finishes shows she is enjoying what she has achieved in just two lessons.
She’s gone through all 14 bars of B Happy and  from 60 to 80 beats per minute…and remembers what the note B looks like in the various ways it can be written to tell her how long to play each one.

The next step for her is to practise  getting to up to the suggested performance  tempo of 120 bpm…..and in the next lesson she will also move on to start the next tune.

Available Online for Whiteboard whole class teaching,  or on Android and on iTunes, see on the tablet apps tab:


eto Ways to Optimize your music practice


eto Music Practice
It is so easy to use and the results are stunning.
A whole class can read from an Interactive White Board.
Smaller groups or individuals can practise on single workstations during a lesson at break or lunchtime.ALL pupils can practise at home on their own or family computers. There’s no need to buy sets of books. 30 Home Practice Licenses are included in the annual price.


eto Music Practice At Home
You can’t have your music teacher with you 24 hours a day and it’s not always practical to get other players together to practise with you.So eto Music Practice keeps you motivated; keeps you in time; helps keep you in tunes and you can have an accompaniment to work with 24/7..We are busy adding to our catalogue and if you have any requests for pieces that you want to practise please let us know.

How do I get eto Music Practice?
It’s simple.
Register, go to the shop, buy some music.
Go to the eto Practice Room and press play.
Alter the tempo, repeat a section,
add an accompaniment – you decide.
Practise until you are perfect
eto Music Practice is available for Schools as Classroom Packs. The price of each Classroom Pack includes licenses so that the pupils can practise at home using their own or family computers.
For those NOT associated with a school individual pieces can be bought for practising at home
First you need to Register for an account and create personal Login details.
You can then buy from our Secure Shop.