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Eto Music for Primary Schools


Teachers……A whole class can be taught in front of an Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom.
Smaller groups or individuals can practise in front of a single computer at their own pace. Tell your pupils to Register and they can practise at home.

Parents: Really useful computer activity. Start on the Recorder, learn to read music in preparation for learning other instruments. What a start!
Level 1 includes 10 tunes.
The first tune B Happy introduces one note and has, like all the other tunes, an exciting accompaniment. New notes are introduced in tunes that follow
‘Pupils will learn and improve more quickly because they’ll want to practise more.
Each tune can be practised with or without a full accompaniment.
The sound of the Recorder can be heard which helps with keeping in tune and playing the correct rhythm.
A Real Time Beat Counter appears above the music notation to act as a conductor and helps with the timing of each note
Each tune can be practised at slower speeds.
Start and End bars can be chosen so that each tune can be practised bar by bar, section by section.
The speed of practise can be increased until the whole piece can be played perfectly.

This is a video of Alis during her second lesson. As you can see she is enjoying what she has achieved in just two lessons. The next step for her is to practise at home getting to the right tempo and in the next lesson she will move on to the next tune.

Recorder1      Recorder2


• Go to http://www.etomusicpractice.co.uk/shop/ for PC or Android Apps
•or for iPad versions :–https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app-bundle/recorder-level-1-2-3/id966131458?mt=8